About Us
KangPharm, headquartered in Shanghai, is a well known brand of contact lens brand store, which sells more than one hundred thousand contact lenses in China every year. Kangpharm online stores sell contact lenses to customers in many countries of the world. Kangpharm sells all the products of high quality of Haichang. Because of its high quality, fast delivery and good service, kangpharm is welcomed by customers all over the world.
Kangpharm works with several well-known online payment and logistics providers, ensure customer's online purchasing process is safe and secure. By advanced Internet technology to track real time orders, and ensure the safety and confidentiality of each customer's information.

Tel: +086-17786501169
Email: fenglu@kangantu.com
Company Address: Room 641, Zhaojiabang Road 789, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China
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